Les Feuilles Mortes – Poems of lament and hope

Virtual booklaunch premieres Sat 30th May, 8:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

In a time of global isolation, we need each other, and we need hope. But we also need space to lament and grieve. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit my part of the world in the midst of autumn, and so I’ve chosen this as the theme for my collection of old and new poems, Les Feuilles Mortes (The Dead Leaves).

Physical copies will be available from my Lulu.com store soon (date to be confirmed). But you can get a digital copy now – just click below to buy yours for $10 AUD. Because there are no costs involved in the digital copy, all your money will go directly to Tear Australia’s COVID-19 campaign. Click here to watch Tear Australia’s CEO Matthew Maury on their work with COVID-19.

Money raised so far: $80 AUD

Digital copy of Les Feuilles Mortes

Click here to pay for your digital copy of Les Feuilles Mortes. All money will go directly to Tear Australia's COVID-19 campaign.


Matthew Pullar – Les Feuilles Mortes – click to download your digital copy.

You can view some previews of the book on my YouTube channel, including this video filmed for the online booklaunch.