Battle Cry (Lent Poems 2)

I’m currently not exactly on track with my challenge to write 40 poems for Lent, but here is today’s offering. It takes the story of Jesus’ “triumphal entry” into Jerusalem and goes from there.

Battle Cry (Hosannah)
Blessed is the king
(Behold him come,
Humble and riding on
A donkey, on the colt
Of a donkey!)
He who comes
In the name of the Lord:
Blessed is he.
Let our palms receive him.
Lift up your hands, we
Lift them to the Lord.
It is right to give
The praise of our hands.
Let our hands receive
The king of our land,
On his steed!
Let our palm-fronds
Beckon him in!
Hosannah to our king!
Save us, king!
Ride into battle,
With us at your flanks,
Free the prisoners –
Their palms reach out to you.
Take us to our fortress;
Give us our commands,
Sound our battle-cry!
We are your bow,
We are your quiver.
Lift us in the palm of your hands,
Bend us, fire us forth.
Hosannah! Hosannah in the highest!
Behold, he comes!
Watch him come!
(Humble, on a donkey.
Blessed is he who comes
Blessed is he
Blessed is he who comes
In the name of the Lord,
Humble, riding on a donkey,
On the colt of a donkey,
Blessed is he.)

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