Iscariot (Lent Poems 5)

And so Jesus washes his disciples’ feet and declares that they are clean, though not all of them. One of them will betray him that very night.

He sat,
the water splashing about his feet,
the dust of the day now gone, though
not all,
and when
the bread came to be passed and dipped
in herbs of Egypt’s bitterness,
the one
who was
about to be betrayed took, knowingly,
the bread and, with a whisper to the friend
next to him
(The one
To whom I give this bread, he’s the one
Who lifts his heel against me) gave
the bread,
now bitter,
to him and said, Whatever you must do,
Do it quickly. A glance between them
and all
was done.
Rising, amid the ignorance of the many,
the curiosity of some, into the night he lifted
his heel

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