The Words of My Groaning (Lent Poems 23)

My God my God why
Have you forsaken me my God I
Cry out loud by day by night, I
Cry to you on high while words my
Words grow weak with groaning, cry
Not ceasing and no answer, cry by
Night; I am not silent; I am loud. Why,
My God, why are you silent?
Scorned am I; a worm, no man; I
Shrink to bone; they shake and laugh while
Drawing lots and casting die
Lions tear, the lions tear and open wide
Their blooddripping mouths, and dogs
Surround me, evil dogs; a band
Of man-dogs encircles me;
Down I stare, avert my eye.
Naked I can count all my
Bones like nails; the dogs they bark
And growl around me; feet and hands,
They have all pierced my
Feet and hands while loud they cry
Into the hatred and the blight:
Crucify, crucify.

One thought on “The Words of My Groaning (Lent Poems 23)

  1. Hi Matt, this poem is very powerful and I love the rhythm you have established and the way the verses run into each other.

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