Defiance (Lent Poems 32)

If there is yet hope for this flower
(drying, dying, disconnected from its source),
then take it,
attach it once more to
the stem from which it fell.
Let decaying petals be fresh once again.
Give water, give sunlight.
Photo-synthesise: give life.
If there is yet life in this body
(I cling to that hope) –
then take it, blast it, lift it into your light:
then it will not atrophy, die.
Defy the laws that work on
bodies and on soil, the cycles
that drag all flesh to the ground.
Defy them now.
If there is yet breath beyond
the walls of this tomb (I see
a body moving through a gap
by the stone), then roll away
the mammoth rock between
that life and the sun’s light.
Let air re-enter that body’s tombs;
let graves and passageways respire.
Defy the law that says: all flesh is grass.
Let no grass grow over this tomb.

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