The Shepherd, the Wolf and the Hired Hand (Fourth Sunday of Easter)

The hired hand once saw the wolf
That came upon the fold of sheep
And, hitching up his garments, fled
Far away from the looming wolf
And hid himself safe in the woods.
The sheep stood waiting, helplessly,
And bleated to the silent woods,
The cold indifference of the night.
The shepherd in another fold
Saw wolves and dangers fast approaching
And stood his ground there in the fold,
Made of himself a shield between
The savage creatures charging in
And the sheep who stood there waiting,
Helpless, near the silent woods and
The indifference of the hired hand.
The shepherd stood while the wolf pounced.
His body took the wolf’s swift blows
But gave back to the wolf each one
And in his dying killed the wolf.
My friends, my children, think upon
The shepherd and the hired hand.
I am the shepherd; you’re the sheep.
I’ll keep you safe in pastures deep.
The wolf has come to kill and steal.
The hired hand will leave you dead.
I lay my life down for my sheep,
Laid down to take it up again.

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