The Need For Light

Retinas on waking crave
the sun’s warm rays upon their backs.
Without the radiance of day,
the messages they send us speak
of early morning weariness
And skin cells cry, small children, at
being ripped from bed too soon.
They know the signs of night and long
for rest until the sun’s day heat
sounds its alarm, shakes them awake.
Yet sleepiness pervades the day;
it will not wake. It hibernates
in sunless daze and hides behind
grey conglomerations in
the haziness of winter sky.

2 thoughts on “The Need For Light

  1. Brrr! This is how I feel today! Good one. I often think of how I trick my body into wake time at night with the TV, and stun it back into wake time in the morning with strong coffee. 😀

    1. Thanks! It was inspired by my morning commute on the train to work today, plus a conversation with my GP about the need for sunlight in the morning to help regulate our body clocks to being awake. A bit difficult to get during winter!

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