The mechanism failed halfway up the hill,
Neither accomplishing nor yielding:
An exercise in sheer exertion
Of pointless will imploding in
Its own closed system of grunt and grind.
The friction of the system ground
The movement to a huffing halt,
With dirt and grass coating the wheels
That pushed in all directions but
The wisest one of downwards.
Hesitant, the hands and feet
That drove and damned the wheels’ slow slog
Paused about their business and
Wiped the sweat on nearby thighs
And looked about through squinting eyes,
The sun too bright to give them light,
The day too flat for motion,
The slope too steep for up and their
Legs locked into staying still,
To keep from going backwards.
“We’ve got no choice,” the voices said.
“We’ll have to just stick it out up here.”
So legs retained their weakening lock
And stubborn arms tried to uphold
The law of diminishing returns.


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