“…and here shall your proud waves be stopped” (Fourth Sunday After Pentecost)

Exegi monumentum aere perennius.
I have raised a monument more permanent than bronze.
(Horace, Odes, Book III)
Out from the camp – the Philistine camp –
came the champion, the fearful champion,
height six cubits and a span,
armed in mail, helmed with bronze,
in a coat of bronze and on
his legs two greaves of bronze, and then
between his shoulders slung a javelin,
a javelin also of bronze.
Who will dare fight me? he cried,
Am I not a Philistine?
Are you not servants of Saul?
Let me see who will fight me.
All the army there fell silent;
yet in the crowd, the fearful crowd,
stood a boy, a shepherd boy,
young and ruddy, young and small, who
went up to the king and said,
to the King of Israel, said,
Let no hearts fail here today.
Your servant will fight this Philistine.
Saul, the King, tall and proud,
looked in scorn upon the boy.
You are a child, he said, and this man
has been a warrior from his youth.
But David stood, the shepherd boy
stood firm and said, The Lord who saved me
from the lion’s paws and bears,
He will save me here today.
And so he stood, stood firm and heard
Goliath throw his taunts at him.
Am I dog, he called, that you
should come at me with sticks?
You come to me, said David, with
sword and spear; I come in the
name of God the Lord of hosts whom
you have defiled here today.
He took his slingshot then in hand
and, armed with five smooth stones, he slung
the first stone at the giant and
watched him fall down to the ground…

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