The Shepherd’s Dwelling

Listen –

The shepherd has come,
the true shepherd who
will not lead us down false paths
or beside wild streams
nor through fields of brown;

The shepherd has come,
the shepherd who dwells
among his sheep, who
leads them only in good paths
and gives them rest.

Listen –

He has seen us, sheep without
a shepherd, wandering among
the dead of our flocks and
scourged by the false shepherds;
he has heard our plaintive bleat.

Listen –

The good shepherd lies down
among us; he dwells with us
though he is far bigger than
all fields and pastures
and all days;

Look to the pastures and imagine!
Have you ever heard of such a thing?
Have you in all your bleating
and complaining ever dreamt
of this? The shepherd, ever good,

Always so good – lies down
amongst us and lays down
his life among us, the
shepherd who gives his life
to dwell among his fallen sheep.

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