Who Was He? (For the Transfiguration of the Lord)

Who was he, do you think, when he shone there that day,
whiter than all the world’s bleach could make him,
when we climbed up the mountain and he was ablaze
and our hearts were dilated within us?
Why was he joined up there, on that stark mountain-top
with those prophets, Elijah and Moses,
who stood there and talked like the oldest of friends
or like servants receiving their orders?
And who then were we three as we stood there and watched,
three ignorant fools stunned with blindness?
Who were we to see such a mighty spectacle,
like three swines gobbling up the finest pearls?
And then what said that voice that boomed there like the ground
was a-shaking with heaven’s vibrations?
When it called him God’s Son, this bright-shining-day Lord,
did our hearts comprehend what it meant then?

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