Silence and a Candle (For Mary Sumner)

All this day O Lord, let me touch as many lives as possible for thee; and every life I touch do thou by thy spirit quicken, whether through the word I speak, the prayer I breathe, or the life I live. Amen
(A Prayer of Mary Sumner)

God of all generations,
all mothers and all fathers, all
children and all women who
care or cannot from grief care;

A pause, a silence; candles

all homes in peace, all homes in war,
all families who fall under
the rod of poverty or beneath
the oppressor’s stubborn heel;

A pause, a silence; candles lit

for husbands who love wives and for
husbands who do not love, for
wives who search for love and do not
find it in their storehouses:

A pause, a silence.
Hear our prayer.

For children who grow strong within
the arms of love and grace surrounding;
orphans with their smoldering wicks
and all bruised and broken reeds:

Spirit of the living God,
Hear our prayer.

For homes with scars and festering
tissue where the homes are scarred,
and homes with war zones, blackout drapes:
God of all our generations:

God of mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Spirit of the living God,
we call, all mothers, children to
you of all our generations.

God have mercy.
Hear our prayer.

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