Monica’s Dream (For Monica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo)

For by the light of the faith and spirit which she received from thee, she saw that I was dead. And thou didst hear her, O Lord, thou didst hear her and despised not her tears when, pouring down, they watered the earth under her eyes in every place where she prayed. Thou didst truly hear her.
(Augustine, Confessions, Book III)

While he mourned for the pangs of dying fruit,
fancying their sap the drops of mothers’ tears,
Monica wept,

and as she wept she dreamed, and as
she dreamed she saw herself upon
a wooden rule,

where a bright young man asked her
the cause of all her tears, and so she
mouthed the name Augustine.

But when the man dissented, pointing
to her son who stood with her,
Monica rejoiced;

and when she told him of her dream, though
his sight was tainted and he saw it
skewed to his position,

Monica saw clearly through her tears
and knew he would soon stand with her
amongst the saved.

Her tears did not cease then, nor her
cries to heaven with his name,

But her prayers rose with new hope
that He had seen her tears and heard her
prayers and her dreams,

that He who could do so much more
than she could ask or dream or hope –
He was weeping too.

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