3 thoughts on “True Community and the Humility of Being Honest

  1. I enjoyed reading your essay. I feel honesty hides itself for many complex reasons – not least judgement by societies and individuals in pain. We can not fully understand most things, so honesty may be dependent upon us trying not to become unqualified judges, and learning to love even though we do not understand?

    1. Thanks for that. I think that is true as well. Not fully understanding ourselves or others often prevents us from being honest, and there is certainly a need to love and bear with each other even through things we don’t understand. Good point.

  2. Hey Matt,
    This is a very well written piece and I really identified with what you were saying. It’s so true how we gloss over how we are really feeling, what our true struggles really are, and especially our ‘classification’ of ‘acceptable’ vs ‘unacceptable’ sin. It’s a great encouragement toward honesty in our Christian communities – how else will we find redemption and forgiveness? And what a privilege to minister to each other in these hard times, and encourage one another to persevere. I love small groups for this reason, as it provides a safe space to be this honest, and in this, we can show love toward each other in words and deed. This is how the Christian community is a light to the world; accepting everyone with their stench of sin and continuous struggles, knowing Christ died for it all.
    Thanks for writing, Matt.

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