In Convertendo Dominus (Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost)

Bless the Lord at all times:
Though somehow the pain of blessing
May cut through you with its sword;
In your days of fear and anguish,
Bless the Lord.

Seek His face in every time:
When you see Him clearly and
When the sun obscures your gaze;
On the days of desert wandering,
Seek His face.

Trust His truth in every place:
In fields and forests, swamps and valleys,
The farthest place from concrete proof;
When the promise starves and dwindles,
Trust His truth.

Praise His name through every season:
When a captive, when brought home,
When in glory and in shame;
In the famine, in the harvest,
Praise His name.

Look to Him for your deliverance:
He has raised a cut-down tree
And made us like men who dream;
When your future’s dead before you,
Look to Him.

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