…and after you have done everything, to stand (For Charles Simeon, Evangelist)

Yes, you are tired,
it hurts, you are weak;

the stubborn pewholders are locking their pews,
the church doors are closed on Sunday afternoons;
and every sabbath morning hearts and ears are locked;
the harvest falls daily upon the hardest soil
and while you speak to parched, dead bones, your throat too grows dry.

But there is something you can’t see,
a plant with roots deeper than
the depths of your worst fear:
it grows where mind can’t fathom,
it drinks from silent streams;
reaching past the canopy
of all your expectation.

it will not fail you.
The roots are stronger than you could guess.

let fear fall to the wind.
Your Lord is a prowling lion,
with no need of defence.

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