The Anchor (For Clement of Rome)

Let us turn to every age that has passed, and learn that, from generation to generation, the Lord has granted a place of repentance to all such as would be converted unto him.
(The Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians)

From age to age, the anchor stands,
The anchor in the waves of death
And all we brought upon ourselves:
All the envies of all Cains,
And of all Adams eating fruit.

The anchor holds us; we cannot stay
Secure in the tossing waves;
From age to age, we have all drowned,
And yet this anchor holds in place
All those who reach out, lost at sea.

And Clement throws his anchor down,
Hurls his life into the waves,
To him whose way is in the sea,
Although his footsteps were not seen,
To him whose anchor holds us firm and still.

2 thoughts on “The Anchor (For Clement of Rome)

  1. Hi Matt! I really liked reading your work today. I particularly enjoyed this, you have a gift for restoring peace of mind, I see this poem as particularly a part of the paradox that comes from being disturbed by ideas and restoring oneself to a state of equilibrium we call peace. Keep on proving a godsend,

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