Plenteous Redemption – C.H. Spurgeon

I read this today in the daily devotionals that I get e-mailed to me. It captures perfectly that way that Spurgeon had of speaking directly into the worst of human despairs with the hope of Christ, and so I am going to share it with you all today.

“With him is plenteous redemption.” Psalm 130:7

This “plenteous redemption” is plenteous, because it is enough for all the
distresses of the saints. Your wants are almost infinite; but this atonement
is quite so. Your troubles are almost unutterable; but this atonement is quite
unutterable. Your needs you can scarce tell; but this redemption I know you
cannot tell. Believe, then, that it is “plenteous redemption.” O believing
sinner, what a sweet comfort it is for you, that there is “plenteous
redemption,” and that you have a lot in it. You will most certainly be brought
safely home, by Jesus’ grace. Are you seeking Christ; or rather, do you know
yourselves to be sinners? If you do, I have authority from God to say to every
one who will confess his sins, that Christ has redeemed him. “This is a
faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into
the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.” Are you a sinner? I do not
mean a sham sinner; there are lots of them about, but I have no gospel to
preach to them just now. I do not mean one of those hypocritical sinners, who
cry, “Yes, I am a sinner,”—who are sinners out of compliment, and do not mean
it. I will preach another thing to you: I will preach against your
self-righteousness another day; but I shall not preach anything to you just
now about Christ, for he “came not to call the righteous, but sinners to
repentance.” But are you a sinner, in the bona fide sense of the word? Do you
know yourself to be a lost, ruined, undone, sinner? Then in God’s name I urge
you to believe this—that Christ has died to save you.

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