The Lord Our King (Christmas Day – The Birth of our Lord)

Christmas Day has arrived and so Advent, with all its joyful and fraught expectation, is over. But we still wait for the final coming of our King. Let this poem help us to fix our eyes on Him this Christmas. And a merry Christmas to you all from The Consolations of Writing!

The Lord Our King (Christmas Day)

To those in the land of shadows:
Let heaven and nature sing.

To those wallowing in the valleys:
Sing with the angels. Sing, O earth.

To those crushed beneath sin’s yoke:
Hear heaven singing; sing with the heavens.

To those like bruised and broken reeds:
Sing, withered branches;
Sing, dying leaves.

To those who cry with the earth’s dark fissures:
Sing with the angels.
Let heaven and nature sing…

To those who quake inside their prisons:
Lift up your heads.
Be lifted up, you ageing doors.

To those who hide in their proud caverns:
Bow. Sing. Pray and praise.
Your king is come.

Open your locks;
Open your hearts.
Let heaven and nature sing!

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