The Invisible Church (For John Wycliffe, Teacher and Reformer)

While men grab for land and priests try to be kings
And the Word of God sits, unopened, on shelves,
As scholars debate and mystify truth
And mouth after hungry mouth lingers, unfed,

The Spirit still moves, in invisible ways,
Calling and saving, protecting, preserving,
Speaking to those who have ears to hear
And sealing the eyes of the blind.

For not all of Israel is truly Israel;
Not everything that has steeples is a church;
Not all that wear vestments are truly priests;
And the church stands invisibly firm through all things.

And the world’s power-brokers rarely win the day,
And infallible ones will be brought to their knees
When the truth is revealed, in spite of man’s efforts,
When the invisible things are made visible.

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