Exchange (For the Martyrs of Japan)

What threat they posed we cannot know,
These men who asked permission
To build their churches and to go
Forth with their love’s mission.

What risks the shogun saw in those
Who came to love and free,
We cannot say; but how it goes
For servants is to be

In life and death just like the one
Whom they in all things serve,
And so they did shine like the Son
In flames they did not deserve,

And bore the flames and bore the cross
And bore scars in their side,
Pierced by spears like Jesus was,
Some like Him crucified.

What threat they posed, we cannot know
But this we know for sure:
That those who like Him gladly go
To death He will restore,

And those who gladly own His name
Before the threats of kings
He will own, and take their shame
And change their place for His.

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