On That Day (For Chad, Bishop of Lichfield and Missionary)

For the Lord moves the air, raises the winds, darts lightning, and thunders from heaven, to excite the inhabitants of the earth to fear Him; to put them in mind of the future judgment; to dispel their pride, and vanquish their boldness, by bringing into their thoughts that dreadful time, when the heavens and the earth being in a flame, He will come in the clouds, with great power and majesty, to judge the quick and the dead.
(Bishop Chad, in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of England)

Seven days before he died
He heard the air resound with songs:
The voices of the angel host
Beckoning him toward home.

When the heavens shook with storms
And violent winds and rain,
They say he sang the Psalms and prayed
Until the storms withdrew.

When they asked why he did so,
He pointed to the day
When God would shake the earth once more
And all would be revealed.

Seven days before he died
He heard the angels’ song.
He was prepared to join the praise;
He’d waited for this day.

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