Clouds and Crowns No.1

As part of a bigger sequence of poems that I’m working on, here is the first of a seven-part poem that I will be writing and posting over the next week: a crown of sonnets, a series of interlinking sonnets in which the final line of each sonnet forms the first line for the next. I hope you enjoy reading them.
Crowns and Clouds
Sometimes the doorways to imagined lands,
Homes where our triumphs dwell and we can fly,
Soft lands of untold riches locked in sky,
An ever-drifting joy beyond my hands;
Sometimes a space in which my mind expands
The boundaries of all possibility,
A blankness never threatening with Why?
Malleable and shifting like the sands;
Sometimes a twisted, tangled woolen skein;
A floating vapour-yearning; silent tears;
Sometimes the cushioning refuge of dreams;
Cotton comfort; floating hopes and years;
A hand, a fist, an offering of rain,
The promise of green pastures, quiet streams.

Published by Matthew Pullar

Teacher, writer, blogger, husband, father, Christian. Living in Wyndham in Melbourne's west, on the land of the Kulin Nation. Searching for words to console and feed hearts and souls.

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