Sonnet for the Mad Philosophers

Of course they all had their own complexes:
Excessive longings of the silent heart
And disorders of the solar plexus.
Guilt too played its nagging, primal part:
That drive which came from God-knows-where to minds
Now smart enough to fear but not to change.
Plato jumped at shadows behind the blinds;
Descartes saw lying demons lurk backstage.
Trapped in language, poor Ludwig Wittgenstein
Had only propositions to his name
And gave his children ladder-lies to climb
While Bertie Russell disavowed his fame.
Thank God that truth is given unto babes
And makes itself known through our hazy shades.

4 thoughts on “Sonnet for the Mad Philosophers

  1. Excellent work!

    I especially enjoy Line 6: “Now smart enough to fear but not to change.” These are very thought-provoking (and, hopefully, holiness-provoking!) lines.

    May God bless you as you challenge your readers to think and write better at the same time.

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