I do not know the ways of spheres:
     how planets orbit,
         how stars alight.
I do not know how life's sustained,
     how atmospheres enfold.
I do not know the wheres or whys,
     how Jupiter
          protects our sky.
     I only know the heart of man
            and know that it is sick.
I have not plumbed the ocean floor
     nor found the place
          where tides must rest.
I have not climbed the highest peak
     or seen the plates force up.
I have not swept the sea, the land,
     our ancestors 
          trod underfoot.
     I've only met God's hand in time
             and read His plan to save.

I cannot answer mysteries:
     why life exists,
          why time must die.
I cannot say the span of man
     before our time, beyond.
I do not know my mind's own truth
     nor understand
          why hearts must lie.
     Yet I have known Your way with me
             and say that it is good.

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