Advent 20: and earth shall melt away

…heaven cannot hold him,Nor earth sustain;Heaven and earth shall flee awayWhen he comes to reign…(Christina Rossetti, “In the Bleak Midwinter”) While fires burned, I retreatedto safer, internal climes, denying heat.Discomfort seemed unreasonable,inconvenient that we should be so troubled.Yet world rarely does as it’s told,pointing a finger at us as we point back at it.If worldContinue reading “Advent 20: and earth shall melt away”

Clouds and Crowns No.5

The overture of forests, dead, remade, Whispers pianissimo through leaves. Although the burnt-out wilderness still grieves And ashen dust hangs densely in the shade, The smallest stems of green, a micro-glade, Peek out through fire-black trunks in smoky breeze, The first-fruits of our chlorophyll reprieves, The peaceful eye after the storm is paid. All thisContinue reading “Clouds and Crowns No.5”