Rudd and Bonhoeffer: A Verse Comparison

A conversation with my girlfriend after the recent Australian election prompted her to suggest that I might write a poem about my disappointment with Kevin Rudd, a man who in the past has professed a Christian approach to politics that I have identified with. It isn’t exactly nuanced political commentary, but it was therapeutic to write!

Rudd and Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer died for his beliefs;
KRudd’s beliefs slowly died –
In good conscience, he said,
Though I don’t think he’s read
The books he should use as his guide.

For Bonhoeffer knew discipleship’s cost,
But Kevin 07 seems lost,
Taking selfies of shaving cuts
(We wish his mouth was shut) –
Not quite the cost of the Cross.

So all of this, then, is to say,
The Christian left has lost its way
If Rudd was our mascot.
I don’t think that we have got
Much of a cause to our name.