Melbourne CBD, Tuesday morning

Never here normally – not at this time, when people whose lives have rhythms different to mine disembark into days of meetings, close shaves and private experiences in close-huddled streets. Never here normally. My day is suburban. My schedule’s the school bell. On other days I walk with books and lesson plans in hand; todayContinue reading “Melbourne CBD, Tuesday morning”

How lonely sits the city

I did not see them go there with their flame to burn the city’s heart, the city’s bones. I did not see the past fall down in ash or hear the cries of covenant in pain. I did not hear the gongs of history clash or see foe-cities’ gods fight in the square. Yet inContinue reading “How lonely sits the city”

Number Nine

  Carlton kept in darkness slept,             The streetlights out, the roadside swept With rain that afternoon and feet             Bewildered by the night.   The city never sleeps, they say,             And anxious souls in search of day Pit-pattered while inside the homes             Smart-phones took place of light.   Commerce halted, leisure paused,Continue reading “Number Nine”