When we’re no longer burning

All day the hazardous haze,yesterday too. I feared to takethe children outside; even the gardenwas clothed in the smoke of elsewhere on fire.Discomfiting, yetwe saw the world,a greenbluebrown orb of God’s graceheaving with the death of itand caught the surgethrough smoke-drunk eucalyptsof a day that will come yet bids us fightfor the day when we’reContinue reading “When we’re no longer burning”

Didn’t it rain?

As the decade breathed its last weary breaths, we sweltered,haze blowing over from the north and west and eastand the fire station on Anderson Street set upits red-painted TOTAL FIRE BAN sign.We had it okay; not everyone did.Our worst fears were heat and the once-in-a-decade chancethat fire might make it this close to the Bay.WhileContinue reading “Didn’t it rain?”