Ordinary Wednesday: Will you even know yourself?

So yesterday I handed in the final assignments for my Graduate Diploma in Divinity, bringing to a close 12 years on and off of study at a theological college. I wish I could share with you here the photo of myself on my student card when I began. Disshevelled, full head of flowing hair andContinue reading “Ordinary Wednesday: Will you even know yourself?”

For there we hung our harps

On the poplars, drooping, drooping, weeping in the river’s run, there we hung our harps, no singing; singing is now silent, dead. The songs are gone, our tongues are weeping; singing is now silent, dead. Where’s the Zion of our singing, weeping in the river’s run? Zion is a memory, fading, weeping in the river’sContinue reading “For there we hung our harps”