The year stands, still

Pregnant with its own hopeful future, Bursting with change and the newness of experience… The year stands, A heaving monument to grace. “The Swelling Year”, 2019 I would not have written those words this year. I almost cannot imagine the world in which I did write them. Though I first wrote them in 2012, theyContinue reading “The year stands, still”

Unexpected Faith: Terrence Malick and the “Love that loves us”

American philosopher-turned-filmmaker Terrence Malick does not make crowd-pleasers. He does not even feel any great compulsion to actually make films, although he has made more films in the last decade than he did for the first 30 years of his career. A little like Marilynne Robinson’s novels, Malick’s films emerge from some slow, meditative, beauty-processorContinue reading “Unexpected Faith: Terrence Malick and the “Love that loves us””