Advent 4: Airport Christmas

We always move around and sofittingly our Christmas is mobile,each returning to their homes, like Josephand a heavily expectant Mary, carryingthe hope of the world in her womb. We depart carrying gifts in shopping bagsor catch up on forgotten things at airport stores.And when we arrive: reunion, butno birth, Messiah forgotten where we left HimandContinue reading “Advent 4: Airport Christmas”

Damascus Road: No location

No flights to Damascus and if there were Safety would fly in the face of Intention. Where knowledge is danger, is ignorance bliss? I cannot walk Straight Street and know the vision that blinded Saul, or see the home where scales fell from well-meaning eyes. That much is past; no flights can take me whereContinue reading “Damascus Road: No location”

Music for children’s choir

Headphone-bound, children sing as I round the corner. The nonchalance of late morning traffic greets a flutter of flight – black and white feathers – painting the street in uncontrolled strokes: a rise, a swoop, a leap, a fall.   Ballet-graced, yet deadly in its implications: too wild, too close to the turmoil of wheels.Continue reading “Music for children’s choir”

The Meaning of Flight

It is a little over a year since a family friend – only a few years older than me – took his life by jumping in front of a train. I wrote the poem “Silent Screams” in response to his death, and also dedicated my collection of poems, “Imperceptible Arms”, to his memory. It hasContinue reading “The Meaning of Flight”