Going Without (Glenroy Lent #9)

And so, the first breath of autumn hovering above the freeway ramp, the breeze has blown the top of a leafless tree, all severed head, onto the road where cars, eager to catch the green, dodge that bunch of twigs and race. I too have raced, and now I race – in head, in heart.Continue reading “Going Without (Glenroy Lent #9)”

Westgate Country

Did you know that Melbourne has a Brooklyn? Mostly factories, but behind the freeway Nestled amidst houses there’s a church, in Low-ecclesiastic cream brick. Today On my way to work I saw it, vacant Being Wednesday. But on Sunday there’s family. And I smelt the Spotswood Vegemite plant With its playful chimneys; a child mightContinue reading “Westgate Country”