You Will Not Fear

Hiding within my son’s clothes,it lay unseen until bedtime whenit scurried out from his sleeve, explaininghis tears through dinner andthe nick on his wrist spottedonly moments before.It was not the night to visit Emergency.Wind and rain buffeted the drive, asunidentified spider in jar beside me,I punctuated my frantic breaths withcomma prayers and apostrophe thoughtsof theContinue reading “You Will Not Fear”

Advent 5: Last Things

Hospital room. While my uncle and I tried to tend to my grandmother’s needs, we heard behind the curtain divider a granddaughter and grandson discuss cremation plans and how the west has avoided death while the east (both fresh from travel) takes the wiser path, rubbing face and hands in body ash and staring death’sContinue reading “Advent 5: Last Things”

How we wait

The taste of hospitals and airports says: You are here under whatever circumstances, tired, no doubt stressed. Have a coffee. Sit down. No-one will care if you cry; everyone is going somewhere different sometime soon. Everyone is crying or dazed, on edge yet kept in secure wards or waiting gates, volatile, yet in comfy chairs.Continue reading “How we wait”