Theology Part 2: Resolution

…love to one’s neighbour is not to be sung about – it is to be fulfilled in reality. Even if there were nothing else to hinder the poet from artistically celebrating love to one’s neighbour in song, it is quite enough that with invisible letters behind every word in Holy Scripture a disturbing notice confrontsContinue reading “Theology Part 2: Resolution”

The Crowd Is Unbelief

For up they looked and on they walked, straight to Horizons which the world, too blind to see, All mocked and doubted; yet the endless view Of cities yet to come, lives yet to be Still drove them on, amidst the scornful crowd. The leap of faith, the movement and the dance, The downwards stabContinue reading “The Crowd Is Unbelief”

To trust requires a qualitative leap (Kierkegaard Sonnet #3)

To trust requires a qualitative leap  And sin, I’m told, involves more of the same: The gap, whichever way you turn, is deep And, leaping, you can’t go back where you came. So, then, when our ontology is faint And all our guesses lead us back to here – This point of anxious thinking, mind’sContinue reading “To trust requires a qualitative leap (Kierkegaard Sonnet #3)”

“The Concept of Anxiety” Explained

As anyone who has read my Twitter feeds recently can probably tell, I have been on a bit of a Kierkegaard-reading binge – partly for my study and partly for my own interest. After a particularly challenging session of reading the first chapter of The Concept of Anxiety, I composed this sonnet. Enjoy!   The ConceptContinue reading ““The Concept of Anxiety” Explained”

Søren, the pure of heart must will one thing

And we too must be pure in heart to see Our God, before whom we are all in need; And if we double-minded ones all cling To two things at the same time – everything The world declares in lying unity, And that which, in our hearts, we long to be (The loving one, theContinue reading “Søren, the pure of heart must will one thing”