Yes, it takes our freedomsbecause sometimes love does that:for neighbour, for stranger,for one who walks the same streets,walks by your desk,shops where you shop,shares the same air.Sometimes love lays downrights – freedom of movement,freedom of assembly,freedom to smile and have others see -because sometimes love judgesthe more needful thing,the truer way to be free.

Christmas 8: The Name

Not an unusual name,though a powerful one.Many Joshuas down the street no doubthoped for some of their hero’s kudos:if not the power to bring down Jericho, then at leastthe nod of approval as if they could if they tried.Yet this one would be different. Nofamily lineage dictating the name,but beating wings and the memoryof aContinue reading “Christmas 8: The Name”

Catechism 51

Of what advantage to us is Christ’s ascension? Christ physically ascended on our behalf, just as he came down to earth physically on our account, and he is now advocating for us in the presence of his Father, preparing a place for us, and also sends us his Spirit. (New City Catechism) Not waiting in vain, menContinue reading “Catechism 51”

Lent: Enough 3

Weary eyes: your sight grows faint, yet Heaven’s gate still opens up for you to walk through. This is enough; O grace enough. Let weary eyes now rest. Like Simeon, though waiting lags, this promise stands in baby’s rags and gives you rest. Your rags have failed; His are your glory. Eyes: this is enough.Continue reading “Lent: Enough 3”

Lent: Enough 1

Hold tight. Hold me tight: what coverings I have sought,      what fig-leaves, cannot disguise my nakedness. My shame burns garments – yet You clothe in righteousness.             Hold tight. Hold me tight; You are enough, yet I am afraid, and turn to fig-leaves when rightly I should    bathe myself in You. O Lamb,Continue reading “Lent: Enough 1”

Lent 38: Friday of Fifth Week

Look: see the woman with her oil and hair; see His feet (they’re not yet scarred); see the gasp upon your face; see His searching eyes. Listen: He spoke to you of the Son of Man; He spoke of death and burial; He spoke of Passover, exodus; He spoke; you did not hear. Learn: HeContinue reading “Lent 38: Friday of Fifth Week”

Theology Part 3: Pursuance

Go and do likewise; what you have seen, now do, and do with joy,             and what you have heard once whispered             in your ear, proclaim it from the rooftops; now shout the truth that rings in your ears; proclaim in word and deed and             in the beat of your changed, now            Continue reading “Theology Part 3: Pursuance”