Waiting 5: Rahab

They seldom ask why the men were there.As they slipped down the wall, I thought:Just as it’s always been,the men sliding away to their homes,the shame slipping off their well-oiled skin.Nothing touched them.They would take their promised land just like they always had;mine would be the leftovers,mine the scarlet thread left dangling mid-air.Only, as theContinue reading “Waiting 5: Rahab”

Christmas 8: The Name

Not an unusual name,though a powerful one.Many Joshuas down the street no doubthoped for some of their hero’s kudos:if not the power to bring down Jericho, then at leastthe nod of approval as if they could if they tried.Yet this one would be different. Nofamily lineage dictating the name,but beating wings and the memoryof aContinue reading “Christmas 8: The Name”