Memento Mori: After Chris Wallace-Crabbe

And Adam, seeing that immortality had not clothed him but left his glory naked, felt in his body the future ache of all who would toil and moil their mortal days, and taking Eve’s hand, he hid their rude-awakened flesh in the quiet of a deceitful glade while the immortal searched to clothe them andContinue reading “Memento Mori: After Chris Wallace-Crabbe”

Lent: Enough 5

What warmth I hide in will soon grow cold. All Peter’s false fires, Adam’s cloak of leaves, will burn out, fade, and leave nakedness in ash. Clothe me. My shame is always before me. Nothing hides from Your sight what should be white, yet’s stained like blood. O God. I stand – naked, dust. YouContinue reading “Lent: Enough 5”

Lent: Enough 1

Hold tight. Hold me tight: what coverings I have sought,      what fig-leaves, cannot disguise my nakedness. My shame burns garments – yet You clothe in righteousness.             Hold tight. Hold me tight; You are enough, yet I am afraid, and turn to fig-leaves when rightly I should    bathe myself in You. O Lamb,Continue reading “Lent: Enough 1”