They knew Him too at breakfast

where, on the shore, He hadalready assembled, as a table,prepared for expected guests,a charcoal fire, some fish laid out,and, being himself the bread,a loaf laid for good measure. No need, of course, for the fish they brought.No need, either, for that excess in their boats.To feed seven mouths plus His,that net-bursting horn of plenty was,asContinue reading “They knew Him too at breakfast”

Resurrection Day

Nothing should compare to this:our singularity that, with earthquake force,shakes stones, baffles Rome, turnsthe mourners from the tomb with lightning conviction. And day on day this truth remains,though I have dishes to washand the ever-turning of the presentmakes me more a sullen Peter returning to his net than a Mary, fleeing the dead, for dearContinue reading “Resurrection Day”

If Ye Love Me

So many ways to wash feet: the posture, not the precise nature of the action, matters – poised at ground level, familiar with the dust and grime of the day’s streets, outer garments shed to throw off all show, the creak in the knees accompanying the splash and the mess of the self washing offContinue reading “If Ye Love Me”

Maundy Thursday

Like Peter, I am thrown. The new commandment is old – older than water – but never does it feel old when it knocks where the heart’s most calloused, with desert-worn feet, soles encased in grime and travail. Water washes, but the command penetrates. And the action – the knees bent, the teacher’s degradation –Continue reading “Maundy Thursday”

Palm Sunday

I have been there in the festal throng, the waving of palms, the shouting of Psalms: Hosanna – the highest – hosanna. And I have felt the surge of pride to see my king, as prophesied, come in, triumphantly, astride his Zechariah-steed, and I confess that I have hoped to find what, in the end,Continue reading “Palm Sunday”


While he clung to Peter and John, all the people, utterly astounded, ran together to them in the portico called Solomon’s… (Acts 3:11) Why cling? Fear, perhaps. The crowd, after all, lunged and lurched about, amazed hands raised, indignant, astonished; how might this seem to eyes which had beheld, rejected, hands which had held andContinue reading “Krateo”

Lent: Enough 5

What warmth I hide in will soon grow cold. All Peter’s false fires, Adam’s cloak of leaves, will burn out, fade, and leave nakedness in ash. Clothe me. My shame is always before me. Nothing hides from Your sight what should be white, yet’s stained like blood. O God. I stand – naked, dust. YouContinue reading “Lent: Enough 5”