If Ye Love Me

So many ways to wash feet: the posture, not the precise nature of the action, matters – poised at ground level, familiar with the dust and grime of the day’s streets, outer garments shed to throw off all show, the creak in the knees accompanying the splash and the mess of the self washing offContinue reading “If Ye Love Me”

Maundy Thursday

Like Peter, I am thrown. The new commandment is old – older than water – but never does it feel old when it knocks where the heart’s most calloused, with desert-worn feet, soles encased in grime and travail. Water washes, but the command penetrates. And the action – the knees bent, the teacher’s degradation –Continue reading “Maundy Thursday”

Under Construction (Glenroy Lent: Maundy Thursday)

All night we pour out bitumen; by day we mark out new lanes, construct the avenues of better days, the now-not-yet of our ways. We close our eyes before the promised land; passed over, we pass over the times when paddock became mill became smelter. Not done with the smelter yet, and yet when theContinue reading “Under Construction (Glenroy Lent: Maundy Thursday)”

Lent 44: Maundy Thursday

A new command I give to you High Priests gather; darkness looms That you love as I’ve loved you Pilate’s wife now dreams…   Love your enemies and pray Judas gives back bloody coins Blessed are the merciful The High Priests buy a field   This is how all men will know Pilate struts; theContinue reading “Lent 44: Maundy Thursday”