Under Construction (Glenroy Lent: Maundy Thursday)

All night we pour out bitumen; by day we mark out new lanes, construct the avenues of better days, the now-not-yet of our ways. We close our eyes before the promised land; passed over, we pass over the times when paddock became mill became smelter. Not done with the smelter yet, and yet when theContinue reading “Under Construction (Glenroy Lent: Maundy Thursday)”

Lent 38: Friday of Fifth Week

Look: see the woman with her oil and hair; see His feet (they’re not yet scarred); see the gasp upon your face; see His searching eyes. Listen: He spoke to you of the Son of Man; He spoke of death and burial; He spoke of Passover, exodus; He spoke; you did not hear. Learn: HeContinue reading “Lent 38: Friday of Fifth Week”

Unblemished Lamb (Maundy Thursday)

Not all of you are clean, he said: A glance that spoke no judgment, though He saw us to the core. Instead, with all things under him, He wrapped a towel around his waist And knelt before our feet. But Peter, stubborn to the last, Declared, Lord, you can’t wash my feet! The servant wasContinue reading “Unblemished Lamb (Maundy Thursday)”