Palm Sunday

I have been there in the festal throng,
the waving of palms,
the shouting of Psalms:
Hosanna – the highest – hosanna.

And I have felt the surge of pride
to see my king, as prophesied,
come in, triumphantly, astride
his Zechariah-steed, and I
confess that I have hoped to find
what, in the end, was more than I
had ever bargained for.

I’ve been there, too, by the fireside,
warming my hands and telling lies.
I too have hidden in the night,
afraid of my king’s disgrace.

Messiah: my soul is a fruitless figtree.
When you come to your temple, I will wither
at the sight of your certain summer.
Cast off my false foliage, and let me dwell
in your shade when you return.

Felix Louis Leullier – Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

“Hosanna” – Streaming Page CXVI Day 6

Monday Before Lent

Atrophied your knees,
Weary your feet,
Rusty the locks of the ancient gates -

Prepare the way.
Cry, Blessed is He! as He comes,
To save, to rule, to save.

Stagnant your hopes,
Vacant your dreams,
Silent and silenced the voice which cries -

In the wilderness prepare the way!
See, He comes. The donkey's steps near,
Four-centuries-dormant longing yawns...

Bowing your hearts,
Waving your palm fronds,
Whispering your hearts -

Hosanna, save...Hosanna...
Open now the gates of day;
Prepare the fallow way.