Memento Mori: After Chris Wallace-Crabbe

And Adam, seeing that immortality had not clothed him but left his glory naked, felt in his body the future ache of all who would toil and moil their mortal days, and taking Eve’s hand, he hid their rude-awakened flesh in the quiet of a deceitful glade while the immortal searched to clothe them andContinue reading “Memento Mori: After Chris Wallace-Crabbe”

Numbering Days (After Marianne Moore’s “What are Years?”)

Today’s poem – my last one responding to Marianne Moore – is inspired by her great reflection on mortality and eternity, “What are Years?” It was the first of her poems that I ever read, back when I was studying poetry in the fourth year of my Literature degree, and I still remember the impactContinue reading “Numbering Days (After Marianne Moore’s “What are Years?”)”