Cosmology (II)

If it would still be meaningful to say, There are an infinite number of universes – if their profound otherness did not embarrass even the language of Being itself…if something we could discern and recognise as intelligent life were to occur in certain of these other realities, might we not learn that our notions ofContinue reading “Cosmology (II)”

Marianne Moore: The Poet Who Disliked Poetry

Coming unbelievably to the end of another month, it is time for me to draw to a close my study of Marianne Moore’s work. To finish it off, here is an essay I have written on her poetry – a rich and fascinating body of work which I often do not understand but am alwaysContinue reading “Marianne Moore: The Poet Who Disliked Poetry”

Numbering Days (After Marianne Moore’s “What are Years?”)

Today’s poem – my last one responding to Marianne Moore – is inspired by her great reflection on mortality and eternity, “What are Years?” It was the first of her poems that I ever read, back when I was studying poetry in the fourth year of my Literature degree, and I still remember the impactContinue reading “Numbering Days (After Marianne Moore’s “What are Years?”)”

Instinct (After Marianne Moore’s “Melanchthon”)

Today’s poem was a difficult one to write. Enchanted as I am by Marianne Moore’s work, she is a tough poet to imitate, tougher still to understand. But I have given it my best shot! Fascinated by animals, human nature and the poetic contrasts and parallels between the two, many of Moore’s poems deal withContinue reading “Instinct (After Marianne Moore’s “Melanchthon”)”

At the First Dawn of Brightness (After Marianne Moore’s “In the Days of Prismatic Colour”)

Marianne Moore is both an intriguing and a daunting poet to imitate. Her poems, visually and linguistically, dance in complexity and variety, and her subject matter is often both fascinating and impenetrable. Today’s poem is based on “In the Days of Prismatic Colour“, a wonderful meditation on Creation, complexity and simplicity. I offer it tentatively,Continue reading “At the First Dawn of Brightness (After Marianne Moore’s “In the Days of Prismatic Colour”)”

12 Poets #6: Marianne Moore

It’s hard to believe, but another month has passed and it’s time for a new poet. We are now into the 20th century, and our poet for September is the brilliant and eccentric American modernist poet Marianne Moore. One of the most accomplished and celebrated poets of her century, Moore was also a devout Presbyterian,Continue reading “12 Poets #6: Marianne Moore”