2o Contemplations #17:

…the music seems to come out of the silence like the colors come out of the night… (Olivier Messiaen) After such a climax, what reflection? Light refracts from His glory; sun and moon bow. Let all mortal flesh keep silent. Soon, very soon, we shall see His intention erupt in purposed rapture. Explosion of brightness dancingContinue reading “2o Contemplations #17:”


White though simple carries every colour. Glory – small word – is manifold. Break apart light and find prismatic wonder. None of this has words. What then? What sounds can be made to stir hearts? The Word – singular yet many pleats, Many rooms – beams and breathes from beginning. How can we reveal? WeContinue reading “Doxa”

At the First Dawn of Brightness (After Marianne Moore’s “In the Days of Prismatic Colour”)

Marianne Moore is both an intriguing and a daunting poet to imitate. Her poems, visually and linguistically, dance in complexity and variety, and her subject matter is often both fascinating and impenetrable. Today’s poem is based on “In the Days of Prismatic Colour“, a wonderful meditation on Creation, complexity and simplicity. I offer it tentatively,Continue reading “At the First Dawn of Brightness (After Marianne Moore’s “In the Days of Prismatic Colour”)”