Birdsville, Werribee

This morning a bird I could not name spanned a sun I could not tame and on the road the dazzled day turned and turned its winding way. Through chicanes, past milkbars ran the path to work, the time to plan, but I was struck by birds in view on Kookaburra Avenue. And God I’mContinue reading “Birdsville, Werribee”

Advent 16: At that time I will bring you home

A nomad for much of my days, I confess the urge is strong now to stay put, to secure, to gather and store, to extend the barns for the coming drought. Where luxurious waste gathers in wardrobes and pantries, I long to play the rich fool and leave it be. Yet still the cloud getsContinue reading “Advent 16: At that time I will bring you home”

Advent 15: Over Jordan

I’m only going over Jordan,I’m only going over home.(“Poor Wayfaring Stranger”, trad.) Truth be told, I hardly think of it,the end of my roaming, except perhaps as sleep,or when, longing for an end to all ending things,I dream of new creations. Yetthe sum of my longing is not halfway close,bound as I am by myContinue reading “Advent 15: Over Jordan”

Christmas 10: Sit at my right hand

“The LORD says to my Lord…” (Psalm 110:1). These are surely some of the more mysterious words to appear in the Bible. Who is the second Lord to whom the writer, King David, is referring? Who could even be understood to be David’s Lord apart from God, the LORD? David, after all, was king ofContinue reading “Christmas 10: Sit at my right hand”

In Translation: Restless Heart/Urolige Hjerte

Herre, du har skabt os til dig, og vort hjerte er uroligt, indtil det finder hvile hos dig. Lord, you have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they rest in you. (St Augustine, Confessions) When I first started learning Danish last year and was looking for anything to help me, IContinue reading “In Translation: Restless Heart/Urolige Hjerte”

No Ghosts This Year Concludes, and a Christmas Gift

Well, today is the last day of Advent, and so it is time for me to wrap up my Advent story for the year. If you’ve been following the story so far, you can read the last instalment below. But, if you’re new to this year’s story you can read the rest of it, plusContinue reading “No Ghosts This Year Concludes, and a Christmas Gift”

2o Contemplations #17:

…the music seems to come out of the silence like the colors come out of the night… (Olivier Messiaen) After such a climax, what reflection? Light refracts from His glory; sun and moon bow. Let all mortal flesh keep silent. Soon, very soon, we shall see His intention erupt in purposed rapture. Explosion of brightness dancingContinue reading “2o Contemplations #17:”

20 Contemplations #14: Wonder

…the astonishment of the Angels: for it is not in them (pure spirits), but in the human race, that God unites himself, and the Son of God incarnate “is not ashamed to call us his brothers.” (Olivier Messiaen) Flames of fire, yet only servants. They long to look into what we hold as child: God-made-flesh.Continue reading “20 Contemplations #14: Wonder”

Catechism 49

Where is Christ now? Christ rose bodily from the grave on the third day after his death and is seated at the right hand of the Father, ruling his kingdom and interceding for us, until he returns to judge and renew the whole world. (New City Catechism) And where if the body stands is theContinue reading “Catechism 49”