2o Contemplations #17:

…the music seems to come out of the silence like the colors come out of the night… (Olivier Messiaen) After such a climax, what reflection? Light refracts from His glory; sun and moon bow. Let all mortal flesh keep silent. Soon, very soon, we shall see His intention erupt in purposed rapture. Explosion of brightness dancingContinue reading “2o Contemplations #17:”

20 Contemplations #12: Alpha, Omega

   What did you expect when you came to see The baby, all wrapped in swaddling bands? A king, mighty, radiant in glory? A beaming cherubim, good will in his hands? Did you come to bow or to learn or be Affirmed by all that you saw? Herod bore No risks; and the heavens wereContinue reading “20 Contemplations #12: Alpha, Omega”