Palm Sunday

We cut banana leaf from our backyard and dressthe table with these fronds for a king.Day is overcast; spirit drizzles withthe quiet acedia of another quarantined day.No procession today, on this or any street;only hearts can fling wide their gates.Yet heart has always been best, been the mostfitting place to worship this king,temples prone toContinue reading “Palm Sunday”

Epiphany: Unexpected Myrrh

…all those from Sheba shall come. They shall bring gold and frankincense, and shall bring good news, the praises of the Lord. (Isaiah 60:6b) The promise shines bright, but not all have eyes to see. Many search elsewhere, dismissive of their quest for nothing great comes from Palestine. Preferring the grandeur of temple and palaceContinue reading “Epiphany: Unexpected Myrrh”

Advent 3: Gaudete in the Suburbs

Rejoice! But first: there’s the stockings to fill. Some products may be unavailable in stores, but this one ships before Christmas. Rejoice at same-day dispatch; rejoice that you’ve met your Kris Kringle requirements. When the presents are bought and the turkey is basting, when the family’s sleeping, rejoice.

Uncovered Gems #5: The Danish Psalmist

In the Danish Golden Age of literature and philosophy, there were three significant names that still stand out today: Hans Christian Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and N.F.S. Grundtvig. The non-Danish world has very much heard of the first two but the third is as unknown as it is unpronounceable. And perhaps understandably so. He is ofContinue reading “Uncovered Gems #5: The Danish Psalmist”

Talking Worship Episode 3: Art in Worship

In this episode, Ben and I are joined by our artist friend Robert Kingdom to talk about how he uses his art as a form of worship. Enjoy listening to what he has to say, and be sure to check out his artwork at his website and the spiritual reflections which he posts regularly at hisContinue reading “Talking Worship Episode 3: Art in Worship”

2o Contemplations #17:

…the music seems to come out of the silence like the colors come out of the night… (Olivier Messiaen) After such a climax, what reflection? Light refracts from His glory; sun and moon bow. Let all mortal flesh keep silent. Soon, very soon, we shall see His intention erupt in purposed rapture. Explosion of brightness dancingContinue reading “2o Contemplations #17:”

Damascus Road: Midday

Indeed, my friends, let us not forget in our wakefulness… (Saint Ephraim the Syrian, Hymns of the Nativity) Do I assume this peace? Some peasants once, I am told, when they had had enough of false liberty, took cobblestones and made them missiles. And men of another age were warned that their panelled houses couldContinue reading “Damascus Road: Midday”

Lent: Humility 6

Teacher, they say, grant us whatever we ask of you. Assumptions rich in self, they see a throne, and seats on either side; surely theirs? For what other reason do they fight? Yet His kingdom is not of this world; its great ones do not presume, nor grasp. Losing and finding self, they serve, seeingContinue reading “Lent: Humility 6”