Talking Worship Episode 3: Art in Worship

In this episode, Ben and I are joined by our artist friend Robert Kingdom to talk about how he uses his art as a form of worship. Enjoy listening to what he has to say, and be sure to check out his artwork at his website and the spiritual reflections which he posts regularly at hisContinue reading “Talking Worship Episode 3: Art in Worship”

You can’t read in traffic

Stuck in horrendous traffic on the way to work yesterday, I began to reflect on the irony that, as someone who spends most of my life talking about reading and writing, I have remarkably little time to read or write. This is what those thoughts generated.

Podcast Episode 1: Poems from Prison

Well, I’ve been promising some new features at The Consolations of Writing, and am pleased to announce here my first podcast, exploring the prison poetry of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Click here to access the podcast, and be sure to subscribe to the channel at iTunes if you like it!