George Herbert at Bemerton

I am the man who has seen affliction… (Lamentation 3:1) His portrait would have him serenely contemplating a garden, one hand raised beatifically like the saints of old. Often I would have my days like that, passed in that perfect serene of green, spirit quiet within like the waters without, no trouble straining pastoral brow.Continue reading “George Herbert at Bemerton”

Talking Worship Episode 3: Art in Worship

In this episode, Ben and I are joined by our artist friend Robert Kingdom to talk about how he uses his art as a form of worship. Enjoy listening to what he has to say, and be sure to check out his artwork at his website¬†and the spiritual reflections which he posts regularly at hisContinue reading “Talking Worship Episode 3: Art in Worship”

Epiphany (After Peter Steele’s “Madonna and Child”)

Tomorrow is Epiphany Sunday, and so I’ve chosen to begin my month of looking at Peter Steele’s poetry with this response to his poem “Madonna and Child”. Steele’s poem is an ekphrastic poem, meaning that it has come “out of” another art work, Justin O’Brien’s intriguing “Madonna and Child” (image from I’ve followed Steele’sContinue reading “Epiphany (After Peter Steele’s “Madonna and Child”)”